Arben Solutions, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a small business itself and understands that remaining relevant in the digital space is essential now more than ever for small and local companies.

Husband and wife duo, Stephanie and Spencer, seek to nurture opportunity and explore new horizons, in relentless pursuit of knowledge and experiences within the digital space. Both STEM field graduates, Spencer & Stephanie also boast a decade and a half of hands-on experience in a variety of business technology applications

Starting in 2012, Arben began in Northern Virginia as a web solutions independent contractor. Having since evolved, assisting local businesses of all shapes sizes in the optimization of their business technology suite.

After relocating to Charlotte, NC, in 2020, Arben boasts an expansive catalog of services including Business Technology Suite Optimization, SaaS Onboarding, Information Systems & Operations Management, Inbound Marketing Campaigning, Web Hosting & Design, Software Engineering Support, and Bespoke Computer Science Consulting.