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Hello Charlotte!

Welcome to my website! My name is Spencer Armand, and I currently reside with my wife in the Steele Creek community of Charlotte. I am 33 years old, with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and am enrolled in a Master’s Degree program studying Software Engineering. While in search of professional opportunities to hone my craft of software development, I additionally offer CS/IT/ISOM consulting and remediation services.

I wasn’t always a computer wizard; in fact, I have over a decade of experience in the food-service industry in addition to another decade of experience in various fields and applications of computer science and information technology.

As a journeyman jack of trades, I have made thousands of sales and interacted with countless individuals. I have coordinated marketing campaigns for financial institutions that now have billions of dollars under management. I have led research and development projects on new technologies, built customized computing systems, and continue to search for new technology experiences.

If you live in the greater Charlotte, NC area and require business technology remediation or SaaS platforming and onboarding consultation, let me work my magic. I openly welcome other opportunities and inquiries to all things computer science and information systems related, including repairs and ad-hoc computer services.